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NEO-6T Precise timing and raw data receiver for RTKLib for 49.99$


When we started experimenting with RTKLib we were amazed that it is possible to achieve centimeter precision positioning without breaking the budget. Even though RTK became more affordable there is still need in a very inexpensive USB raw data GPS receiver.

After manufacturing Navio Raw boards we got some raw data GPS receivers left. More precisely Ublox NEO-6T model. We really want to give something back to RTKLib community  and are selling them mounted on boards for the price we got the chip itself!

Board breakouts USB, UART, PPS and EXTINT connection.

What can you do with it:

  • Use as a GPS base station:
    Connect antenna and install it on the roof of your home, connect Raw Data USB dongle to your PC and For 49.99$ you get a RTKLib base station that will stream RTCM.
  • Use as a GPS rover:
    All you need is a laptop or a single board computer to run RTKLib and a source of corrections available over the net. You can also use it to record GPS raw data and then postprocess it

They are in stock, so get them while they last!