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ReachView App and Emlid Raspbian Image are Now Out of Beta, Time to Update!

We are happy to announce Stable releases of Emlid Raspbian Image for Navio+ / Navio2 and ReachView app for Reach / Reach RS! Along with releases, we call everyone to check out our new lovely documentation!

New Emlid documentation

ReachView 2.2.7

ReachView 2 is out of beta! We’ve started shipping the shiny new Reach RS and user feedback is already coming in. Thanks for the fast reports! If you have ReachView v2.2.4 or later, then you should receive a notification inside ReachView the next time you boot your receiver.

New features

  • 3G/LTE USB modem support

Reach now includes drivers for USB modems. You can configure the modem on your PC and then just plug it in your Reach via the OTG cable. Overall, usage should be seamless, but Linux might not support every device you try. We’ve had a chance to try the following two models: ZTE MF 823 and Huawei E171. Feel free to share your results, so we can expand the list of tested modems.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an app crash, which happened if you turn off the base output configured to use LoRa
  • Reworked USB-OTG on Reach RS. It didn’t function properly on the pre-production units, but now those days are in the past.

Stay tuned, as more updates are coming!

Discuss ReachView 2.2.7 release  >>> 

Emlid Raspbian Image

We’d like to let you know that the excessive Beta testing stage has officially come to an end and we are presenting you all our new Stable release for Navio2 and Navio+. It slightly changes the way you interact with Navio making it even easier.

The release includes new exciting features:

  • ArduPilot:
    • ArduCopter 3.4.6, ArduPlane 3.7.1, ArduRover 3.1.2 are preinstalled by default
    • a bunch of system scripts to get you in the air as easy as it can be and also minimizing risks of misconfiguration
    • easy frame selection using an update-alternatives mechanism
  • ROS (Indigo):
    For those looking to expand Navio capabilities beyond what ArduPilot offers, Robotics Operating System now comes preinstalled. It is a robust and accessible framework to build complicated robots.  
    • Indigo release
    • mavros with mavlibconn 18
    • mavproxy
  • emlidtool:
    This is a new tool to make it easier for you to get information about your board, OS, kernel and etc. It will be used for other awesome features in the future. Just type emlidtool to get a hang of it!
  • Experimental Wi-Fi broadcast:
    Lets you broadcast video stream over Wi-Fi without introducing handshake delays giving you a feel of the analogous video stream. It supports two chipsets at the moment (Ralink RT5572 and Atheros AR9172).

Thanks to all of you and especially our Beta testers! We hope using this release will be as pleasant as it was for us making it.

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New docs

Our new beautiful docs are live! We’re still adding information and testing them, meanwhile, you can send us your PRs if you find bugs, we’re always happy to see you contributing!