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Extended LED functionality Comes with ReachView v2.7

ReachView v2.7.0 over the air update became available just recently and we can’t wait to tell what’s in there.

So far the Reach devices haven’t been taking full advantage of their inbuilt LEDs, only using them during the startup process. This new ReachView version fixes this, breathing life into the RGB LED on Reach and the LED panel on Reach RS.  While reworking the LED we’ve introduced some changes to how things are presented.

Main Features

  • Extended LED support. Reach LED will reflect network connection status, point collection and app state. In addition, Reach RS’s PWR LED will show battery and power status.
  • Added a special button to blink the LEDs manually. Should help you locate which Reach you are currently working with if you have many
ReachView v.2.7 main features
  • Added “Night mode”. Allows you to turn off the LEDs until the next reboot. Our users asked for this, as leaving the receivers at night with the lights on the attracted unwanted attention. No need for duct tape anymore
ReachView v.2.7 settings

Full information on the new LED statuses and behavior demonstrations are available in our updated docs (ReachReach RS).



Reach team has been working very hard on the latest update, so join our community forum and shout-out to our engineers!

Reach and Reach RS are in stock and available for order in our online shop.

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