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It’s Time to Migrate to ReachView 3: Quick Guide

Switch from ReachView 2 to ReachView 3



Are you still working with the ReachView 2 app? You’re missing out on lots of opportunities! Check out this article to learn more about the main features and the process of data migration.


Top 5 Reasons to Switch to ReachView 3 Today

1. Coordinate systems support

ReachView 3 enables hassle-free data collection in your local datum. The selection is based on the EPSG and IGN registries and includes thousands of coordinate systems. 

Also, we’re permanently expanding the list of available datums. In a recent couple of months, we have added heights support for France and Germany, added full CRS support for Croatia. Check Emlid Docs for the full list of countries that are already covered. 


2. Convenient data collection tool

With ReachView 3, it’s much easier to collect your points. We have speeded up all routines with new small features as time averaging, auto-naming, and description fields.


3. Different units of measurement

Coordinates system support inside ReachView 3 hides one more helpful feature — different units of measurement. You can set up antenna height and stake out distances in feet or meters, depending on your project’s datum.

Time to migrate to RV3
Time to migrate to RV3
Time to migrate to RV3
Time to migrate to RV3
Time to migrate in RV3
Point collection
Coordinate systems in ReachView 3
Switching between NTRIP profiles
Connecting to receivers in ReachView 3
Access to survey projects
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4. Access to projects without the Reach turned on

Unlike ReachView 2, the new app stores your survey projects on your mobile device. That means you can access it 24/7 without connecting to your receivers.


5. Convenient NTRIP profiles

Tired of storing your credentials for NTRIP services? There’s no need to remember where you have saved it anymore. Enter them once, and ReachView 3 will keep the data. Use the same correction output for several Reach receivers. 

What’s more? Check out the complete list of ReachView 3 features in our release and find the video guides on how to get started in the recent blog article.


How to Migrate my Data from ReachView 2 to ReachView 3

If you were using ReachView 2 for some time, you might be bothered about the data transfer to the new app. No worries, the process is easy, and we’ve got it covered for you.


Survey Project Data

You might have a stack of survey projects inside the ReachView 2 app. You can move it to the new ReachView 3 in a few steps. The process is similar for both Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 devices.

First, you need to export your projects from the old app using ReachView 3. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the name of your receiver in the Receivers tab and switch to Reach Panel.
  2. Go to the Survey tab, tap Export and choose CSV. Downloading will start automatically.
  3. Tap Download to confirm. Large projects might take some time to process.

Note: If you use ReachView 3 on Android, exporting will be made to the Downloads folder. As for iOS, you will need to choose the way you want to save your project.

Exporting csv
Exporting CSV file

Then you need to go back to ReachView 3 and import the file. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Survey tab and tap + button.
  2. Enter Name, Author, and Description of your project (if needed). Please ensure that you have selected WGS84 as a Coordinate system and Ellipsoidal height as a Vertical datum.
  3. Tap Save.
  4. Tap the arrow at the bottom of the app to open the Project dashboard. 
  5. Tap Import, select the CSV format and then tap Choose the file.
  6. Select the file you downloaded.
importing csv
Importing CSV file

Raw Data and Settings

All raw data and settings are linked to your device, so there’s nothing to think about. Just download the ReachView 3, connect your receiver, and find all data in the new app.


Download New ReachView 3 Today

ReachView 3 is an entirely new mobile app by Emlid. Familiar point collection and stakeout tools are now powered with a completely new user interface, coordinate system support, and the ability to manage big projects. To access all new features, you just need to download the new app from App Store and Google Play.

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