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November Beta Releases

Don’t miss out: last month we’ve released beta software for both of our products—Navio2 and Reach.

Navio2 Beta image v2

We’re happy to announce a new beta for Navio boards which has a number of new exciting features such as preinstalled Ardupilot 3.4.3-rc1 and ROS with mavros working out of the box.


The new beta also includes:

  • Versioning in /etc/rpi-issue
  • Changed default magnetometer to LSM9DS1
  • Added default power module definitions
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and improvements that you can read up on in our changelogs.

We’re waiting for your feedback on this beta as it slightly changes the way you interact with Navio. Hopefully, making it easier. By the way, check out the community project made with Navio2 running ROS.


We’re getting ready for incorporating a couple of new features in our final releases such as Wi-Fi broadcast and Access Point modes, so stay tuned! Full feature list, download link and further discussion of updated beta image (v2) for Navio board are available on our community forum.

ReachView 2.0 Beta

After months of work and rewriting the app from the ground up, we are ready to introduce you to Beta of the new ReachView generation. We’ve used the past year’s experience and user feedback to rebuild the app.

ReachView 2.0 Beta

Here is the list of featured changes:
• Completely new beautiful UI, integrated maps, simplified configuration forms
• In Base station mode base coordinates are provided automatically by averaging single position or RTK Fix position
• Completely reworked Wi-Fi with easier setup
• More logs memory, rolling logs are supported
• Overhauled update process
• Bluetooth COM port support

This update focuses mainly on general stability, user experience, and usability. Full list of changes is available on the forum. Almost a week and a half after the initial beta release, we have released the first on-the-air update with tag v2.1.1 and recently v2.1.2 became available. We want to thank everyone for the warm response to ReachView 2 Beta and the new image. We’ve had a ton of invaluable bug reports and feature requests. Join the discussion about ReachView 2 Beta today on our community forum!