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Case Study: Reach RS2 Accuracy in RTK Survey

E38 Survey Solutions based in Richfield, OH, USA recently surveyed an area with Reach RS2 and compared its accuracy to another RTK receiver. The surveyors selected nine locations with diverse difficulty levels for the test: clear sky view, locations near trees, and next to a building that obstructs a sky view.

E38 Case study
E38 Case Study
E38 Case study
Clear sky view
Sky view is blocked by the tree crown
Sky view is obstructed by the building
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Survey data was collected in RTK mode and compared to data provided by a robotic total station and another traditional RTK receiver. The data were also processed using OPUS. Based on the survey results, horizontal RMSE is 1.67 cm (0.055 ft) in reasonable conditions.

We were interested in thoroughly testing the Reach RS2 performance. And we are glad that Reach has proven centimeter accuracy even in challenging environments. That means our clients can take full advantage of Reach receivers for surveying in various conditions.

Joe Douglas, E38 Survey Solutions General Manager

Find more details about the case study results on the E38 Survey Solutions website.

Reach RS2 for Centimeter Accuracy

The Reach RS2 provides you with centimeter-accurate data even when there are obstacles around. As a multi-band receiver, the Reach RS2 is a perfect solution for RTK and PPK surveying. The receiver comes with a handy app ReachView available for iOS and Android. Order your Reach RS2 in the official Emlid Store.