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Continuing to improve beta

Barely a week since the announcement of updated betas for Navio2 and Reach but our developers already got new things for you to show. We call everyone to try out ReachView 2 beta v2.1.5 and check refreshed documentation for Navio.

ReachView 2 beta v2.1.5

Last week we’ve already released beta v2.1.3 with the new image. It hasminor update that contains various fixes mentioned by you or found by us. And just a few days ago we’ve released yet another ReachView 2 update, this time the tag is v2.1.5.

Featured changes:

  • Heavily updated RTKLIB
  • Firefox browser support added
  • Display base on the map
  • New map features
  • Bug  fix

Join the discussion on community forum for the detailed list of features and update instructions!

Navio reworked documentation

We’d like to share documentation for new beta release. As it’s not documentation for stable distribution yet, we won’t update right away. Check out this branch which has all the needed instructions how to use the new beta. They contain comprehensive entries on ROS which will help get you started!

Join the discussion on community forum

Once again we want to say thank you for active testing and detailed feedback!

Stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,
Emlid team