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Getting Started Videos for Reach RS2: First Time Setup, RTK over NTRIP and LoRa

To make sure you have a pleasant start with your Reach RS2 we’ve worked on the getting started video series. More tutorials to come, stay tuned!


In the meantime, join Emlid forum to discuss our new videos.

First start of Reach RS2

This video shows how to connect to a Wi-Fi network and make the first update.


How to insert a SIM card

The tutorial demonstrates how to enable a built-in cellular modem of Reach RS2.


Receiving RTK corrections over the Internet (NTRIP)

This video provides an overview of one of the most popular workflows made super easy with a built-in 3.5G modem of Reach RS2.


Setting RTK over LoRa radio

This video shows how to set up two Reach RS2 units to work in RTK mode over LoRa radio with one device set as a base and another as a rover.



Get Reach RS2

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