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Re-establishing survey benchmarks with Reach RS+ with sub-cm accuracy

Rafael Scopel, a surveyor at the Escola Bom Pastor school in Brazil, recently prepared a land surveying workshop for his students with a set of Reach RS+.

The main goal was to re-observe an existing geodetic control network—six control points spread throughout the school grounds. 

Rafael during the survey work
Rafael Scopel during the survey work

By knowing the exact coordinates, he could guide the students to capture the same points and correlate their results with real measurements.

Geodetic control network
Geodetic control network at the Escola Bom Pastor school

With a set of Reach RS+, Rafael measured all the points in RTK mode and got the results shown in the table below. In order to collect data, he used the ReachView app.

The yellow column represents the difference between the original points and coordinates surveyed with Reach RS+. All the WGS results were converted into UTM with AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Results of surveying
Results of surveying converted into SIRGAS 2000, zone 22S

In the future, students will do the same work with a total station and re-assure that benchmark points are surveyed correctly.


As a user, I must say that Reach RS+ is a very easy-to-use GNSS receiver at an affordable price. It is a great deal!

Rafael Scopel de Lima, Surveying Teacher at the Escola Bom Pastor school

Reach RS+ for placing GCPs


With a set of Reach RS+ communicating via built-in LoRa radio, you can set as many GCPs in RTK mode as it is required. The process is quick and does not require an Internet connection. Control points locations are recorded with the ReachView app available for iOS and Android. After the fieldwork is done, you can export data to your preferred mapping software in CSV, GeoJSON, DXF or ShapeFile formats.

Two Reach RS with LoRa radio can be used for a broad range of precise applications.

For instance, CoatzaDrone used RS+ for the road maintenance project in Mexico.


If you still have questions about RTK or don’t know where to start check out our documentation and join our community forum!

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