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Getting Started with ReachView 3

Recently we’ve launched a completely new version of the ReachView 3 for all iOS and Android devices. If you’re new to the app, you probably need some tips on getting started. Take a look at the videos covering the basic workflows. 

Before you start working with your receivers, you need to connect them to the ReachView 3 app. The process is similar for both Reach RS+ and Reach RS2, the main difference is in the LED light indication. 

Here’s the video guide describing the steps for connecting to Reach RS+:

And that’s how you connect to Reach RS2:

This video guide will be helpful for those who use ReachView 3 for iOS. It shows in detail how to connect the Reach receiver to the hotspot of your iPhone or iPad using the ReachView 3 app.

When you’re all set with the connection to Reach receivers via the app, you are ready to create your survey project and explore the new features of the survey tool. Our video guide has step-by-step instructions that you can use as a hint:

In case you work with a coordinate system that is not included in EPSG, you can set up its parameters manually in ReachView 3. Follow this video tutorial, to configure all the required parameters: ellipsoid, transformation, projection, geoid model, and linear units:

Now you can start collecting points with ReachView 3. Set the antenna’s height, press the plus icon, and begin collecting the points. Our video guide describes all steps:

When you finished the survey, you need to export the data from ReachView 3. Now it’s possible to manage your projects without having your receivers connected to the app. Here’s a video tutorial that will walk you through the whole process of exporting.

If you need to import data for your survey project to stake out, the workflow is straightforward. Just make sure the project’s coordinate system matches the imported data and upload a CSV file. Our video will guide you through all the steps:

Get ReachView 3 Today

ReachView 3 is an entirely new mobile app by Emlid. Familiar point collection and stakeout tools are now powered with the completely new user interface, coordinate system support, and ability to manage big projects. The app is already available in multiple languages for Android (English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish), translations for the iOS are coming soon.

We’re looking to continuously deliver new features with a simple app update. ReachView 3 is available for all Reach devices with firmware 2.24.2 and higher.

Download ReachView 3 for iOS and Android today!

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