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How to collect data with Reach RX and Global Mapper

Reach RX is an incredibly easy-to-use tool for fieldwork and fits most of the survey tasks. Today we want to share with you one more useful bundle including Reach RX receiver and Global Mapper app that is perfect for all GIS applications. 

Global Mapper: a versatile app for GIS data collection

Global Mapper is a powerful GIS software that allows users to manage, analyze, and visualize geospatial data. Developed by Blue Marble Geographics, Global Mapper is widely used by professionals in various industries such as GIS, surveying, agriculture, and environmental science.

Two main components of any GIS survey are information and precise position. Both of these critical pieces can be captured with Global Mapper Mobile. Available on iOS and Android systems, Global Mapper Mobile assists Global Mapper desktop users by allowing data to be brought into the field for reference, augmentation, and new data collection. 

The collection of attribute information can be customized in the mobile app as new features are created, but a more effective and standardized way for this data collection begins with a Feature Template designed in the Global Mapper desktop Configuration options. A Feature Template is not a data layer, but merely the structure of one waiting for users to add features. A template name is first given to identify the template, and the vector feature type—point, line, or polygon—is assigned. Next, a default feature symbol, name, and description are optionally added. Finally, the desired attributes for the data to be collected are defined. 

By default, Global Mapper Mobile will use the available internal location services of the mobile device to collect GPS-informed vector data in the app. However, with the addition of the Pro subscription to Global Mapper Mobile, you can connect Reach RX receiver to boost the accuracy of collected data.

High Accuracy Positioning with the Emlid Reach RX

Reach RX is a perfect receiver for any GIS survey, as it is very compact, provides centimeter-level accuracy of data collection, and works with Real-Time Kinematic correction via NTRIP. The connection to the Mobile Mapper is super easy and will take a few moments. On an Android device, simply enable Bluetooth and pair the mobile device to the Reach RX. 

With the Reach RX connected via Bluetooth to Global Mapper Mobile Pro, detailed location information can be viewed and data can be collected using a GPS feature create mode.

If you have Global Mapper Mobile Pro, use the Advanced GPS > Connect to Device option and select the paired Reach RX to see the advanced position information and begin collecting high-accuracy data. This simple setup process along with the lightweight and easy-to-maneuver Reach RX makes the setup for field data collection an incredibly simple workflow.

Explore more features of Reach RX and Mobile Mapper

With the two essential parts of GIS data, information and position, taken care of by Global Mapper Mobile and Reach RX, field data collection has never been easier. For more information on the Reach RX and other available devices, check out the product page. To create a Feature Template and begin data collection with Global Mapper, download a 14-day free trial of the Global Mapper desktop, and get Global Mapper Mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store

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