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How to Place Ground Control Points: Tutorial by Emlid

Ground Control Points are vital when it comes to accurate drone mapping and surveying. GCPs are known points placed on the survey site to act as reference points in post-processing. When “stitching” the drone pictures together, GCPs are the markers that help you make the final model more accurate. 

However, placing GCPs is a tricky deal that always brings up a handful of questions. How many do I need? Where should I place them? How should they look? Everything you need to know about placing GCPs for accurate data collection is in this video. 

Check out the basic rules for Ground Control Points in the fresh Emlid tutorial: 

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Reach receivers for placing GCPs

Both Reach RS2+ and Reach RS3 are a great fit for setting the GCPs in RTK mode. Control points locations are recorded with the Emlid Flow app available for iOS and Android. If you want to choose a receiver that’ll fit your project, go to the page about GCPs for drone mapping.