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Introducing ReachView for Android, iOS Coming Soon

One of the things that concerned us most with Reach user experience is the part where you need to find the devices in your local network. While there are several ways through this step, none of them are perfect. So, we decided to focus on solving that particular issue.

Today we’re excited to announce the native mobile app, simply called ReachView.

This is how it looks:

ReachVew beta version interface

With this, you can easily access receivers without the need for Fing and the like, without the need to switch to your browser and type up the addresses. The app is pretty straightforward and it should become the default way we interact with both Reach and Reach RS in the nearest future.

The app is available now on Google Play as an open beta for phones and tablets. It is also coming for iOS and should be available by the next month.

To use the app you need to update your Reach to the latest v2.8.0.