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Introducing Point Collection Tool in ReachView

A new version of ReachView is out for both Reach and Reach RS! This one goes by the name of v2.3.1 and enables highly demanded point collection tool.


  • Project-based point collection
  • Collection screen with a realtime progress indicator, RTK, and averaging statuses
  • Collect the points either manually or with project-wide auto-save rules
  • Project view with a map and summary point list
  • Export your data to DXF, GeoJSON, Esri shapefiles

Update note

At this moment, the collection is only allowed in geodetic coordinates with WGS84 ellipsoid, also known as EPSG 4326. Working in other CRS requires a little more polish and will be introduced in one of the next updates.


For all this, we have added a new tab to the app – Survey. The time has come when you need nothing but 2 Reach RS and your smartphone to conduct a survey or collect GCPs. A couple of screenshots to get you excited:

This is a big release for both Reach and Reach RS, and we want to push their functionality even further. We know many have been waiting for these features, so we can’t wait for your feedback.

Also, a huge thank you to @bide@TB_RTK, and @Brent_W for helping us with testing and giving valuable advice. Enjoy Survey Tool demo prepared by @TB_RTK and join Emlid Community forum for discussion!