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Different Methods of Setting up the RTK Base – New Video Guide

When you use Reach as a local base station, you should set it up first so it can transmit the corrections to the rover. ReachView app offers several ways on how to do that. These approaches may seem not so trivial when you just get started with RTK.

That is why we have developed the guide providing a deeper explanation of methods of placing the base. This guide outlines various ways of determining base coordinates and includes tips for setting up Reach in the field. 

Today we introduce the new video covering the most important parts of the guide. We’ve visualized and simplified essential steps to make the tutorial useful for all users. Let us know if you have any comments and enjoy the video! 

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You can use directions from this guide when installing Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 in the field as a base station. Get in touch with us to learn what receiver fits better for your tasks!