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Stake out Points with ReachView v2.16

ReachView v2.16 introduces one of the most awaited surveying features–point stakeout. Any point you have in your project now has the stakeout button active. Import geo data in CSV, GeoJSON, DXF!

Apart from that, there are a lot of other great new features:

  • Reach RS+ gets the option to boot automatically when power is supplied
  • Reach M+ now officially supports LoRa radio. Plug the LoRa module to your M+ and get corrections from RS+. The accessory is already available in our store
  • Smart antenna/pole height. Enter your pole height and ReachView will calculate the antenna height automatically
  • LoRa support for Reach M+. The correction input and base corrections tabs now have LoRa as an option. It will be blocked until you actually plug LoRa module.

More detailed information about introduced features and the list of bug fixes are available on Emlid Community Forum.