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Emlid NTRIP Caster: Free and Easy Way to Send RTK Corrections

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Emlid Caster. After some community tests, the NTRIP Caster is out of beta and ready to be used for your everyday tasks.

Transmit Corrections to any NTRIP-Capable Device

Emlid Caster is an easy and free way to send corrections from RTK GNSS base to your rover over the Internet. You can connect one base and up to five rovers in any place in the world—the Caster is available worldwide. The Сaster implements the NTRIP protocol, so it should be working not only with Reach receivers but any other NTRIP-capable devices as well. For example, we have tested it with DJI Phantom 4 RTK and Reach RS2 as a base station and it works smoothly. 

Emlid Caster is a handy solution when you want to connect multiple devices to a base station, and have to work with a long baseline, in urban or hilly areas interfering with the LoRa signals. 

Go-to Solution for Challenging Environments

Our pro-user Tore Berthelsen appreciated a simple way to connect Reach RS2 receivers over NTRIP Caster. He placed GCPs before a drone mission for a subsea survey. Accurate photogrammetric data was required for planning new docking arrangements for boats on an island west of Bergen, Norway. Tore used several manual checkpoints and placed four GCPs, climbing slippery rocks by the sea.

Unlike the tough work in the field, connecting Reach devices with Emlid Caster was quite easy. In addition, the NTRIP Caster allows you to work with a large baseline in hills that often block radio signals.

Tore Berthelsen placing GCPs for a subsea survey, Norway

How to Get Started

Emlid Caster is extremely straightforward and handy to use. Just sign up or reuse your Community Forum account to log in, and your NTRIP credentials will be generated automatically for both base and rover. You can start using the Caster immediately. All you need to do is connect your receivers to the Internet and enter the access point’s credentials on your base and rover.