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Emlid on the Road in the US!

Emlid on the Road in the US

Recently we entered into a partnership with Kuker-Ranken (KR), a provider of architectural, engineering, construction, survey equipment in the US. 

“We chose to bring Emlid into the KR family of product offerings because they fill a niche that currently no other manufacturer can address, and our UAS/drone clients have been asking for a precision base station to complement their drones, specifically Autel and DJI RTK aircraft, but also useful for other UAS/drone operations. For nearly 100 years, KR has been focused on effective, affordable solutions for our customer’s problems. We’re always thrilled to find these solutions, and be able to support these solutions from the introduction of the product to sales, to field support. The Emlid product lineup enables our customers to experience superior results at a price-appropriate point of sale.”

Robert Lycke, president of Kuker-Ranken

And now, we are happy to announce that Emlid joins the Kuker-Ranken Precision Takes Flight Drone Roadshow from October 21 to November 9.

Each day will start off with an in-classroom workshop showcasing different workflows and data collection using drone technology. The presentation will include a high-level overview of workflows and how drone technology is changing the way the GIS industry is capturing data.

The event will then move outdoors to see the workflow in action. The KR team will walk attendees through each step of the process. If you’ve never flown a drone before, this is a great opportunity to try it out!

Emlid will be on hand the entire time to answer questions on GNSS and RTK, as well as provide ongoing demonstrations of the Reach RS2.  

“Kuker-Ranken is pleased to offer our customers an economically viable product (Reach RS2) without compromising accuracy and reliability. Particularly of benefit to UAS/drone operators, is the affordability, rapid setup, and ease of use enables UAS/drone operations to reach previously unattainable levels of accuracy and precision.” 

Douglas Spotted Eagle, CSO/Robotics

Entry is free, but be sure to register to attend and get access to promotions, handouts, and entry into a drawing to win a drone!

For more information on Kuker-Ranken, visit them online at