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Hot Shoe Adapter for Reach M+ and PPK workflow overview now available

Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) technique is widely used for mapping with drones. In this scenario Reach RS/RS+ base on the ground and Reach M+ rover on a drone independently log raw data which is post-processed after the flight.

For mapping, it’s crucial to sync an onboard camera and Reach M+ rover. To ensure smooth and reliable synchronization of Reach and a camera, we’ve added a hot shoe adapter to Reach UAV mapping kit. The adapter can be connected directly to a hot shoe of a camera (tested with Sony, Canon and Nikon) providing time stamping of each photo with microsecond resolution.

We have posted an introductory article about PPK where you can learn more about why synchronization of a camera and Reach M+ is a critical part of mapping with a drone. The guide will be useful to everyone getting started with PPK and UAV mapping, check it in our docs!