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Intro to PPP with Reach Receivers

Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is widely used across industries. PPP allows determining the absolute and very accurate coordinates of a particular point on Earth without real-time corrections or base station nearby. 

In practice, PPP is usually used for many tasks, where absolute accuracy in data is a priority. In most of the cases, PPP is used to determine the coordinates of the base for further absolutely accurate data collection in both RTK and PPK modes. 

PPP is performed using one receiver and a tripod. Although it requires more time to record the data compared to PPK, PPP is now one of the most accurate ways to determine a global georeferencing position. 

We gathered all the required information about PPP in one place: the workflow, the setup, the overview of the NRCan and OPUS, and the ways to submit the data to these services. Check out the detailed guide for Precise Point Positioning by Emlid.