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Land Levelling with Reach

Our community user David Hofer shared on Emlid forum how he uses Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 for centimeter-precise land leveling.


David equipped his wheel tractor-scraper with a Reach RS+, mounted on a damping platform. The platform reduces tough vibrations and bumps and allows holding a fixed solution while the machine drives at a high speed.

Wheel tractor-scraper with Reach
David’s wheel tractor-scraper equipped with Reach RS+

RS2 is placed on a construction site and acts as a base by providing real-time corrections to the rover. Such a setup provides a centimeter-precise vertical accuracy that is required for David’s land leveling projects.


Great job Emlid! Reach devices work the same as Trimble or Topcon but times cheaper. We invested only $15,000 for such a setup and it works awesome for that money!

David Hofer, Farmer from Alberta, Canada

Check David’s story on Emlid forum.

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