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LoRa Radio for Reach M+ is in Store

Today we release the long-awaited LoRa radio for Reach M+!

The new radio module works at the same frequency range as Reach RS/RS+ LoRa (862–1020 MHz). The module is fully compatible with the internal LoRa radio of Reach RS/RS+.

LoRa radio for Reach M+

LoRa for Reach M+ enables easy and reliable RTK communication between Reach RS/RS+ base station and Reach M+ rover on distances up to 8 kilometers.



It’s easy to integrate:

  • Plug the radio to S2 port on Reach M+ with the supplied cable;
  • Setup correction link between M+ and RS/RS+ in ReachView app over LoRa (LoRa radio requires Reachview v2.15.3 dev and higher).

LoRa radio is now available for order from Emlid store for $118 (also available from our dealers). Learn more about LoRa radio in Emlid docs and order one now in our online store!