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NAVIO: Connecting to U-blox NEO GPS receiver using U-Center software


This document is not updated, please proceed to docs.blog.emlid.com for latest version!

It is possible to connect to Navio’s onboard u-blox GPS module from u-center software. To do that ublox-spi-to-tcp application has to be run on Raspberry:

The utility is available from our GitHub Navio repository:


git clone https://github.com/emlid/Navio 
cd Navio/Utilities/ublox-spi-to-tcp 
./ublox-spi-to-tcp 5000

It will open port 5000 and will wait for a connection.


Open u-center, navigate to Receiver – Port – Network connection – New. Enter the IP address of your Raspberry:


You should see messages coming from the receiver in the Packet console as well as other visual data.

Dynamic model

Note to Navio Raw users – U-blox NEO-6T receiver is configured for stationary mode by default and it will loose fix if the antenna is moved. To change the mode open View – Configuration View – NAV5 and change Dynamic Model.