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Reach Firmware 28 Update Features Enhanced RINEX Logging

Reach Firmware 28 update is out for all devices. We have added RINEX presets for OPUS, AUSPOS, and popular PPP (Precise Point Positioning) services, advanced raw data logging settings, and other valuable improvements.

Compatibility with OPUS, AUSPOS, and PPP Services

Ready-to-use presets ease your work with OPUS, AUSPOS, and PPP services IBGE and CSRS—you can learn more about PPP in our Docs. To record data, open ReachView 3 and go to the Logging screen. Choose a preset, and the app will adjust the logs for the required services.

Note that you can process logs from single-band Reach RS+ or Reach M+ receivers only using IBGE and CSRS services. For more details, you can check the step-by-step guide on recording logs for PPP in our Docs section.

Logging preset for OPUS
Logging preset for OPUS

If you don’t need presets, you can still configure RINEX logging manually—choose the Custom label or use the default setup in the Raw data settings.

Advanced Logging Setup

We have also enhanced the logging configuration. Now you can enable or disable recording the backup UBX log when logging to RINEX.

Recording backup raw log for RINEX
Recording backup raw log for RINEX

In the Raw data settings, you may choose to use the Reach RS2 or Reach RS+ antenna height—the required data will be added to the RINEX file.

Enhanced antenna height settings for Reach RS2

Other improvements

Among other things, with the latest update, we have delivered the following improvements:

  • Added the ability to downgrade from Beta to the latest stable release without reflashing—e.g., if you try the next Beta release of Reach Firmware, you can switch back to the Reach Firmware 28 stable version.
  • Made Reach M+/M2 visible in ReachView 3 without connecting the antenna and being in the hotspot mode.
  • Improved work with RTCM3 messages—antenna phase center offset is applied if corrections contain an RTCM3 antenna description message.
  • Configured the output of the last valid heading (COG) in NMEA VTG and RMC messages when there is no movement.
  • Implemented miscellaneous stability improvements.

To explore the complete list of changes and fixes, you can check out the release notes on our Community Forum.

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