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ReachView 3 Is One of the Company’s Biggest Advancements: Interview with Emlid User


Diving deeper into the work of surveyors and discovering new aspects of the profession is inspiring. In a series of interviews, we talked to our users and learned more about their projects, tasks, and personal experience with products. Meet our next guest—Michael Lambert, an experienced surveyor from the US.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

— My name is Michael Lambert, and I am the Virtual Design and Construction Manager for Chasco Constructors in Round Rock, Texas. We are a General Contractor that self performs all scopes of civil construction but also builds 5-6 medium-sized commercial buildings per year.

What challennges do you face as a surveyour?

​​— By self-performing so much work, we are tasked with all manners of Surveying. I was a Party Chief for a traditional Land Surveyor for 5 years and have continued the practice for the last 19 years at Chasco. Two of the problems we faced were the ability to continue a track record of quick response and performing large and sometimes dangerous tasks. We counteracted both of these with the implementation of a Drone Services team inside of the VDC department. 

— How long have you been with Emlid?

— We have been using Emlid GNSS equipment for about 3 years now, ranging from the RS+/M+ models to the M2/RS2’s. The M models are used for PPK on our drones, and the RS models help to layout Ground Control Points and general stakeout for construction as needed.

— What are the most exciting aspects of your profession?

— The most exciting aspect of my responsibilities is the charge to stay aware of bleeding technologies and when to implement them in our daily workflow. Combining the use of drones with the Emlid equipment has been a natural fit in our program to accomplish tasks that used to take our Field Engineers’ days down to hours which allows them to do what they do best in a more safe manner.

— How was your experience with Reach and the ReachView 3 app?

— Emlid has been a great partner with tremendous support and maintained a great presence on their forum, which can be very rare with many companies. One of their biggest advancements, since we have been with them, is the release of ReachView 3. They coordinated with their users and provided a true beta initiative. I do a lot of beta testing, and this is definitely the strongest and most consistent program I have been a part of.

Because of Emlid’s involvement, we have been able to save our company a good amount of money by allowing us to move away from the overly expensive products from other GNSS equipment manufacturers. Our plan moving forward is to provide Emlid receivers with network access to all of our Field Superintendents because the other brands we have been using are just not scaled properly in functionality or cost for our field use.