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Meet Reach RS: Field-Ready RTK GNSS Receiver

It’s been almost one and a half year since the first Reach modules were shipped. During that time we have seen so many amazing projects based on Reach, and received tons of invaluable feedback from our community. We’ve been working hard on improving user experience by adding new features to ReachView, ensuring stability and expanding our documentation. But that were not the only things we were doing.

For the past year, we have been also working on something new and now we are ready to show it to you.

Today we proudly unveil Reach RS!

New Reach RS RTK GNSS receiver

It is a ruggedized, battery-powered RTK GNSS receiver, a ready-to-go solution for surveying, mapping and other applications requiring centimeter accuracy.

Reach RS is a new milestone in the market of affordable RTK GNSS providing an amazing user experience in a compact and durable form-factor. Reach RS includes an impressive list of features that are unequaled at the price point.

Several pilot units have been already sent for testing to our most active community members and the first batch is now being manufactured. We have a special offer for early birds – if you pre-order Reach RS now you will not only be among the first to receive it but also get a $100 discount off each unit making it only $699!

Make sure to secure your units – the offer is limited for the first batch, which is due to ship in mid-March.

Learn more about Reach RS and pre-order with a $100 discount>

Shiny new Reach RS in a bag