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Reach RS and Reach have been Updated

Reach RS and Reach now run on a new processor and are called Reach RS+ and Reach M+. The RTK GNSS function stays unchanged as well as the ReachView software. New devices are fully backwards compatible and bring storage boost and usability improvements.

The main reason for the change is migration from Intel Edison, which is now deprecated, to Neutis N5 computing module. Neutis N5 was developed in-house by Emlid and allows us to manage supply much better to ensure long-term availability of Reach. We also used this chance to pack some extra features.

Reach RS+ changes

Reach RS+

Reach RS+ got a new processor – Neutis N5, which brought twofold storage increase to 8GB. Charging indication now works even when the device is turned off. This was a source of confusion on the early models and we are happy to improve it.

For our agricultural users, we have added ability to turn on Reach RS+ automatically when the engine starts and power is supplied to the device. Much more convenient than pressing buttons. The enclosure, software and overall user experience stay the same. Reach RS and Reach RS+ are fully interoperable and work great together. You can easily expand your fleet of RS receivers with Reach RS+.

Reach M+ changes

Emlid Reach M+

Apart from the update to Neutis N5 processor and associated storage boost to 8GB Reach M+ added a nice plastic enclosure for protection. New locking connectors are much easier to operate compared to DF13. You might have noticed extra ports which are meant for accessories, we will announce them later on.

The dimensions had to be increased slightly, Reach M+ is 56.4 x 45.3 x 14.6 mm and weighs 20g. Indication now follows RS layout with 3 LEDs bringing consistent signaling of device status.

Support for Reach and Reach RS

We will keep supporting software updates on all our devices. No matter if based on Edison or Neutis your Reach will keep receiving updates with new features!

You can pre-order Reach RS+ and Reach M+ in new Emlid Store with the shipping in April-May. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about this change. For this, use the contact form.