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Reach RTK fully funded!

Reach has been successfully funded! Thank you for your support and all the feedback that we have received during the campaign! Your ideas and potential applications sound really exciting. We even see projects forming around Reach and we will tell about them in the future updates.  We are really glad that the campaign went great thanks to all of you.

Few days ago we have received release candidate version of the hardware and fully tested it – all features work as expected. We did some minor tweaks in this revision to improve usability.


Here is the final list of connectivity features:

  1. 6P-DF13 port with UART port for connecting to autopilot\radio and 2 GPIOs for custom functions.
  2. 6P-DF13 port with event pin (simply short it to the ground to get a precise timestamp), GPIO\PWM to trigger camera and I2C for access to compass or connection of external sensors.
  3. Wi-Fi for connecting to Reach View app and for streaming NTRIP.
  4. BT available for custom needs.
  5. USB on-the-go for connection of 3G\LTE dongles or USB radios.

Meanwhile, we continue to work on the app for Reach that allows to control the RTK engine, view satellites levels, manage configurations and much more in the future. ReachView acts as a web interface to the free open-source RTKLIB software, so those familiar with it will find little new or surprising. It uses a set of python scripts to control the rtkrcv application and WebSockets to communicate with browsers on the same network. Essentially we are wrapping console interface in a nice graphical interface accessible from any device.


Even though the campaign successfully ended, it will take up to 14 days for Indiegogo to transfer the funds to us. As soon as we receive the funds from Indiegogo we will order components and begin manufacturing. After orders with suppliers are fixed it will take 5-6 weeks to custom make the antennas and to assemble and test Reach modules. We will keep updating you as we progress!

For those who might have missed the campaign, we will soon open pre-orders on our website. There will be a limited amount of devices available for shipping right after we fulfill Indiegogo perks.

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