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ReachView 2.2.3 Adds Support for Reach RS

ReachView app now supports Reach RS adding LoRa radio and battery monitor features.

ReachView Base mode settings

Since the first batch of Reach RS receivers will be ready for shipping in a few weeks and the very first units have been already delivered to the community members for evaluation we focused our efforts on making the app compatible with both Reach and Reach RS. Our goal from the beginning was to continuously improve Reach with frequent software updates and we want all our users to benefit from it. Last month we’ve been hard at work making the app work seamlessly on both devices thus ensuring that new features and improvements will be delivered to both Reach and Reach RS simultaneously.

Apart from the features already available on Reach, this release brings support for following RS hardware specific ones:

  • LoRa radio is available to be used for both correction input and base mode output. RTCM3 messages selector will automatically adjust radio air rate depending on the required data bandwidth. LoRa driver has got a heavy update to ensure that Reach RS built-in radio works reliably. Early beta reports already show real-life 5km range on medium settings and stable delivery of corrections data.
  • Battery and power management. Notice the battery indicator on the screenshot above. Reach RS battery charge level is displayed with the icon in the top right corner. Clicking on it will also bring out extended system power information. Now you can easily check the status of charging and remaining capacity. Reach RS can be charged from USB, just like your smartphone.

The full list of current fixes and improvements is available on the community forum where you are always welcome to leave reviews and reports!

Reach RS is a ruggedized, battery-powered RTK GNSS receiver, a ready-to-go solution for surveying, mapping and other applications requiring centimeter accuracy for only $699! The first batch of Reach RS with a $100 discount is limited and will be shipped in the middle of March.

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Emlid Reach RS.