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New ReachView Update Brings Bluetooth RTK Output

New ReachView Update

ReachView version v0.2.2 is out and available via in-app update. This awesome update brings one of the most wanted features—Bluetooth solution output. You can now replace GPS on an Android smartphone or tablet with Reach RTK connected over Bluetooth.

You will need to install the Bluetooth GPS app on your device, pair it with Reach and configure Reach to output NMEA over Bluetooth. Android allows apps to mock GPS location, so every app that you are used to like Google Maps or your favorite GIS now can receive centimeter-level precise coordinates.

We have put together a detailed guide on setting it up, now available it the docs.

There are more features coming to Reach soon. Here is a list of the latest changes and if you have not yet updated your device, we recommend that you do so today!