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ReachView v2.22 is out for all Reach Devices

ReachView v2.22

We are glad to release an updated ReachView v2.22! The latest update delivers enhanced stability and overall UX improvements for all Reach devices.

We added ZDA NMEA messages – a long-awaited improvement for our users integrating Reach with 3rd-party hardware. Now Reach is able to handle Internet connection dropouts without resetting the correction input. Also, the RMS values for Reach RS2 are now shown correctly in ReachView. 

Here is the whole list of improvements you can find in this release:

  • Reach is able to handle internet connection drops since this release, all streams (NTRIP or any other TCP-based protocols) will be sent/receive data packages as soon as a valid internet connection comes
  • Add “Raw data debug” in Settings which enables more data for debugging purposes. This is not a functional change but rather a change that might help us debug some of the issues that some users face
  • Add mobile data usage statistics
  • Add ZDA NMEA messages
  • Disable blinking of the power button on stakeout
  • Make NTRIP tab loading faster
  • Subtract antenna height during point averaging
  • Show RMS values for RS2
  • RS2: Add accuracy to the Status tab
  • RS2: Add ‘Loading’ state when initializing the SIM-card

Those improvements, as well as the solid list of fixes, are now available in ReachView v2.22. Find more details about the update on the Emlid Community Forum.

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