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Robots Powered with Reach Speed up Stakeout for Construction Projects

Reach receivers help bring accurate navigation for various types of robotics. This feature benefits the startup company Civ Robotics. They use Reach devices to guide their robots to quickly and precisely stake out at construction sites. 

Civ Robotics founders, like no one else, know how time-consuming the staking out process can be. They have worked on construction projects and oversaw surveying professionals manually staking out hundreds of coordinates every day. To speed up the workflow, they decided to automate the ground marking process.


Robot Marking Points

The Civ Robotics team designed a four-wheeled and a three-wheeled ground robot named CivDot. The robot is controlled by autopilot. Its mission is to navigate the desired coordinates and mark noticeable points with 1-2 cm (1 inch) accuracy. For highly precise navigation, CivDot is powered with a Reach M2 module and a GNSS antenna. 

The overall stakeout workflow is pretty straightforward:

  • Before staking out, you can program the CivDot mission in CivPlan software using CSV or DXF files. 
  • The next step is to set up an RTK connection for the robot. You can use the Reach RS2 receiver as a base station or any NTRIP service for RTK corrections. 
  • In RTK mode, CivDot powered with the Reach M2 module smoothly moves from one coordinate to another.
  • The robot stops at each coordinate and marks the points with a bright color.

CivDot is designed to layout coordinates with high speed and precision. The numbers speak for themselves—this maneuverable robot can mark up to 4000 points a day when they are 20 m apart. No wonder the robot is of great help in land surveying, particularly for infrastructure projects.

CivDot with Reach
CivDot with Reach
CivDot in use for road construction, USA
CivDot is staking out for a solar farm construction, USA
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Reach devices for Сentimeter Accuracy

Reach M2/M+ modules are an excellent fit for creating various types of unmanned vehicles with precise geo-positioning. Connected to the Reach RS2 or Reach RS+ receiver in RTK mode, they provide centimeter-accurate positioning and navigation. Order your Reach devices in the official Emlid Store.

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