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Connecting Reach RS2 to DJI Phantom 4 RTK over Emlid Caster

Reach RS2 is a go-to solution to use as a base station for RTK-capable drones. It provides highly accurate positioning data and smoothly integrates with RTK drones.

In our video tutorial, we will help you get started with Reach RS2, Phantom 4 RTK, and free-to-use Emlid Caster that transmits corrections between a base and a rover.


Reach for Drone Mapping

In RTK mapping, a drone needs to get corrections during the flight from the base station. That requirement makes Reach RS2 a comprehensive fit for the flight mission. For PPK mapping, you can also use Reach RS2 base station to log raw GNSS data and then post-process it. Order your Reach RS2 in the official Emlid Store.