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Drone mapping with Phantom 4 RTK, Reach RS2, and SpaceX Starlink in remote areas

Drone mapping survey with Emlid Reach RS2 in Remote Western Australia

Working far away from connectivity can be tricky, but it provides a space for tech lovers to combine drone mapping techniques with SpaceX Starlink, giving them a stable Internet connection for delivering NTRIP corrections. Our user Paul Hogan, who has an experience with amateur drone photography, performed an aerial survey for mineral exploration in Remote Western Australia.


The setup

The idea of Paul Hogan’s project was to perform a drone survey of the exploration ground using a DJI Phantom 4 RTK and Reach RS2. He also used the Emlid receiver to mark the drill hole location.

Using Starlink dish to stream corrections from the base station to the drone

Using a Starlink dish for a stable Internet connection in remote areas


Since the project involves work in areas where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable, Paul decided to take advantage of his IT background and put all this together using Starlink satellite Internet service. It let him stream corrections from the base station to the drone during the flight with the NTRIP caster and get precise mapping results. 


“This is all working exceptionally well, and I love it when a plan comes together.”

Paul Hogan, Emlid user


Paul shared with us an inside of using Starlink for his fieldwork. Application of the Starlink dish for the survey became possible because the company launched a new feature contributing to the wider portability of the device. Now the service will work even if the dish is located outside of the property it was previously ordered to. 


Reach RS2 for centimeter accuracy

Reach RS2 provides you with high accuracy even when there are obstacles around. As a multi-band receiver, Reach RS2 is an ultimate solution for placing GCPs, working as a base for drone mapping, or RTK surveying with another unit. The receiver comes with a handy app ReachView 3 available for iOS and Android. Order your Reach RS2 in the official Emlid Store.