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Emlid Reach RS3—new flagship GNSS receiver with tilt compensation

Reach RS3 with tilt compensation

Reach RS3 is Emlid’s new flagship RTK GNSS receiver with IMU tilt compensation. It was engineered to ensure survey-grade precision even at hard-to-reach points. Explore the capabilities of Reach RS3 and order your receiver from the Emlid online store.


Tilt compensation for unlimited survey scenarios

The new Reach RS3 allows you to survey at large tilt angles while still maintaining survey-grade accuracy. With tilt compensation, your workflow no longer includes checking the bubble at every point. Now you can speed up your data collection and stakeout. And take the pain out of surveying hard-to-reach locations such as building corners, obstructions, points on the roadway, at the edge of an excavation, or in the water. 

Reach RS3 comes factory-calibrated and works right out of the box. Just start walking with the receiver or tilt it to initialize.

The receiver is also magnetically immune. It features IMU-based tilt compensation with no magnetometer on board, which means metal objects and electronics won’t affect the accuracy of Reach RS3. 

Learn more about the specifications here.

Reach RS3 tilted
Reach RS3 tilted when surveying under the car
Reach RS3 with tilt compensation works in every field scenario
Reach RS3 with tilt compensation works in every field scenario
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Compatibility optimized for your workflow

Reach RS3 is a multi-band receiver that works both as a base and a rover. It gives you versatile options to receive corrections from CORS, another Reach, or a third-party base, so you can mix and match RTK receivers in your fleet. In addition to working over LoRa, the new Reach RS3 is also compatible with 450 MHz radios. 

NTRIP connectivity 

Receive corrections from CORS, an NTRIP service, or any other GNSS receiver with Emlid NTRIP Caster. The range is over 60 km in RTK and 100 km in PPK.

Dual-band radio

Receive or send corrections between Reach receivers via LoRa radio. This works on line-of-sight distances up to 8 km and is perfect for areas without internet coverage for NTRIP. 

You can also use UHF in the 450 MHz range to receive corrections from bases with radios that transmit RTCM3 over TRIMTALK 450S (trademark of Trimble Inc.). This workflow requires an additional 410-470 MHz antenna that you can buy at Emlid store.


Features for all survey scenarios

Get a fix in 5 seconds

Reach RS3 provides a centimeter-accurate solution in about 5 seconds and maintains robust performance even when the sky view is partially obstructed or the unit is tilted. The receiver tracks GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo.

RINEX logging and PPP support

Reach RS3 records raw data in the RINEX format for post-processing. Logs are also compatible with OPUS, AUSPOS, and PPP services so that you can get high-accuracy results anywhere.

Built-in LTE modem

The receiver has a built-in LTE modem for a SIM card to send or receive corrections via NTRIP.

Up to 22 hours on 1 charge

Reach’s industrial-grade battery lasts for 22 hours of logging or 18 hours of work as an RTK rover with tilt compensation. For uninterrupted multi-day operations, simply plug Reach into a power bank.

Compact and rugged design

Reach RS3 is 126×142 mm in size, fits in a small bag, and weighs 950 g—less than a typical survey pole. The elastomer-coated polycarbonate body makes Reach RS3 impact-resistant and ready for even the harshest conditions. The receiver is rated IP67 dustproof and waterproof with an operating temperature range of -20° to 65° C (-4° to 149° F).

Explore all Emlid Reach RS3 features here.

Reach RS3 GNSS receiver
Reach RS3 GNSS receiver
The compact and rugged Reach RS3 in action
The compact and rugged Reach RS3 in action
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Full software suite for professional surveying

Reach RS3 comes with
the Emlid Flow mobile app for iOS and Android. The free version allows you to manage all field-related tasks, including tilt compensation, receiver configuration, RINEX logging, points collection, and stakeout. The field app syncs with the cloud-based Emlid Flow 360 to prepare and manage your projects from a browser in the comfort of your office.

You can also choose to subscribe to the Emlid Flow Survey Plan to access additional productivity features: coding, linework, localization, and WMS/WMTS maps. A single subscription is valid for both Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360. 

To get more out of your Reach receiver, try Emlid NTRIP Caster and Emlid Studio for free. Emlid NTRIP Caster is a handy way to stream RTK corrections from your base to the rovers. If RTK is not an option for your survey workflow, you can post-process your data in the free PPK software Emlid Studio.


Order Reach RS3 from the Emlid online store

Be the first to try the all-new Emlid Reach RS3. The receiver is available for shipping today, order now at the Emlid Store. You can also order Reach RS3 from our official dealers—find your
local dealer here.


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