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All-new Emlid Reach RX: pocket-sized RTK rover for $1599

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We are excited to unveil a new product—Emlid Reach RX network rover. This is a high-performance, multi-band RTK rover with a focus on simplicity. No configuration is required to start a job, simply enter the credentials for your corrections network (NTRIP), and you are ready for work. Reach RX fits in a pocket, and you can take it anywhere to survey with centimeter precision.

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Uncompromising centimeter precision

Emlid Reach RX is a multi-band rover tracking GPS/QZSS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou. It’s designed for working with any network corrections (NTRIP) to provide centimeter-precise positioning.

If no network is available, you can create your own using Emlid Reach RS3 as a permanent base and the Emlid Caster to send RTK corrections. Emlid Caster makes it easy to deliver corrections to as many Reach RX rovers as you need.

 Connect Reach RX to your network

Connect Reach RX to your network on your iOS or Android device


From the box to a FIX in under 60 seconds

Emlid Reach RX uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to the Emlid Flow app. You don’t need to spend time learning the advanced settings—just enable the network credentials. If you work with Emlid Flow, it uses the Internet connection on your device to access the corrections stream and send it to Reach RX over Bluetooth. 

Reach RX is designed to simplify your workflows and eliminates the chance of getting a wrong setup, as it doesn’t require any configuration. Now you can trust collecting and staking out points to your team members even with no in-person training.

Reach RX comes in handy for various applications

Reach RX comes in handy for various applications


Rugged rover with the pocket-sized design

Small and lightweight

Emlid Reach RX has a completely new and incredibly compact design. The pocket-sized rover weighs just 250 grams. You can take Reach RX wherever you go—carry it in a backpack pocket or attach it to your clothing. We also recommend adding a foldable Emlid survey pole to your toolbox. With Reach RX, you can be ready to start a survey in a few seconds.

Reach RX fits in a backpack pocket

Emlid Reach RX fits in a backpack pocket

Powerful battery

The Reach RX battery gives you 16 hours of work on one charge, and even 30 minutes of charging provides four hours of battery life. The receiver comes with a USB Type-C cable and can charge from a power bank, USB wall charger, or a computer USB port.

Rugged enclosure

Reach RX features IP68 ingress protection. The connector is completely sealed and protected from water and dust with a silicone plug. The rover operates in cold winters and hot summers, with temperatures ranging from -20 to +65 °C (-4 to 149 °F).

Compact and rugged Reach RX

Compact and rugged Reach RX


Survey with the Emlid Flow app

Reach RX comes with the Emlid Flow app for iOS and Android. With Emlid Flow, all you need to do is enter the network credentials for Reach RX, and you are all set for collecting or staking out points. Then you can also export and import survey data. 

If you stick to another app, you can stream your positional information from Reach RX and continue gathering data for your project with a familiar interface.

Reach RX connected to NTRIP

Enter credentials for your corrections network, and you are ready to survey

Explore all the Emlid Reach RX features and specifications here.


Orders launched

Emlid Reach RX is available for order on the Emlid online store for $1599. You can also order Reach RX from your local dealers.


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