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How to Get Cm-Level Accuracy in RTK: Video Course

Meet the new format of tutorials by Emlid—educational video courses. The first video course will introduce you to the Real-Time Kinematic technique. It is intended for those who are getting started with Reach and the RTK technique and want to take it up a notch. Learn how to work in RTK using Reach receivers, equip with the knowledge and skills, and get the most of RTK surveying with our application engineer Polina!

In the first video, we define what RTK is, show how to establish the connection between Reach RS2 and the smartphone using ReachView 3, and configure settings on both base and rover.


In the following video, we observe methods of placing the base, show how to place the base, and complete the RTK setup.


In this video, we look at the solution statuses you have in ReachView 3, consider surveying conditions, and explain how to obtain centimeter-level accuracy in RTK.


Now that you’ve completed our video course How to get cm-level accuracy in RTK, take a short quiz to ensure you get the most out of it!


Quiz How to get cm-level accuracy in RTK


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