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NTRIP Caster vs. NTRIP Service: Which one to Choose?

NTRIP is a protocol used to stream corrections from a base to a rover. Users of RTK receivers commonly adopt this technology for their everyday work. There are two types of services carrying “NTRIP” in their names: NTRIP Caster and NTRIP Service. They might sound similar, but they are entirely different, and the one you use depends on your task. 

We launched our Caster, and our users keep asking about the difference between Emlid NTRIP Caster and typical NTRIP Service. This blog post will shed light on the core functions of both, their advantages and limitations. 


NTRIP Caster: Work with your own Base and Rover

The Emlid Caster works as a pipeline that supplies corrections via the Internet. The core function of NTRIP Caster is to receive RTK data from your base and pass them to your rover.  

This is a perfect way to work for those who have their own base and rover. You can set up a permanent base on a known point and work independently with multiple rovers. All your devices should be RTK-capable and have an Internet connection. You won’t have any additional expenses, as there are no subscription costs—the Emlid Caster is free and works worldwide. 

Emlid NTRIP Caster

NTRIP Service: Work with your Rover Only

The NTRIP Service allows you to “rent” the nearest third-party base. In this case, you don’t need your own base station. A rover and an Internet connection are enough to start surveying. 

Beyond that, it’s necessary to get a subscription to the NTRIP Service. The cost and coverage area depends on the specific service provider. Also, there is no global coverage. You need to search for a provider that works in your country.

Emlid NTRIP Service

Get Started with Emlid Caster

Emlid Caster is an easy way to transmit corrections between RTK-capable devices via the Internet. It works with Emlid products and any other device that supports NTRIP. Emlid Caster is available for free worldwide. To get started, sign up on

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