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Reach manufacturing update

More news about the production process of Reach modules:

Factory Reach PCBs are ready and waiting to get filled with components. Most of the components will arrive until the end of the week. We were finally able to arrange a supply of Edison modules and they should be delivered to the factory within two weeks. It turned out much harder to do than we expected and we were very lucky to have an Intel representative helping us. Most of the distributors were either not able to supply required quantity or were charging unreasonably high prices (way higher than retail!).

Reach PCBs

Tallysman is busy finalizing production of custom antennas. They will come without magnetic mounts to reduce weight and can be mounted using 3M VHB tape. Cable length is 800mm.

Tallysman antennas

ReachView app keeps progressing and getting more features (like easy WiFi network setup).


Just a few days ago we were able to perform both base and rover setups without touching any RTKLIB console interface. There is still a lot to do, but it is great to see different pieces coming together.

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