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Reach RS2 Accuracy: Case Study from Australia

Brian Blakeman Surveys (BBS), a company providing professional land survey services in the Northern Territory, Australia, completed an in-depth case study of the Reach RS2 performance. The BBS team tested the Reach RS2 accuracy and usability in a wide range of field scenarios. The crucial part of the research was comparing the Reach accuracy against the benchmarks. As a result, Reach showed reliable centimeter accuracy in the RTK survey.

Reach RS2 in Australia
Reach RS2 in Australia
Reach RS2 set up for a performance test in central Australia
Reach RS2 established in the urban environment in Australia
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Reach RS2 Accuracy against Benchmarks

The surveyors assessed the performance of Reach RS2 and another traditional receiver against two benchmarks using a local base. The tests were done using MGA94 Zone 53 and ellipsoidal heights. 

Ultimately, Reach RS2 showed cm-accurate results of the observations against the known coordinates. The table below summarises the devices’ performance.

Reach RTK performance
Summary results of the RTK performance against benchmarks

Read more about the test results in the entire case study article.


Reach RS2 for Centimeter Accuracy

The Reach RS2 provides you with centimeter-accurate data even when there are obstacles around. As a multi-band receiver, the Reach RS2 is a perfect solution for RTK and PPK surveying. The receiver comes with a handy ReachView app available for iOS and Android. Order your Reach RS2 in the official Emlid Store.

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