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GCPs for Drone Mapping: Online Talk with Emlid Pro-user

Check out Emlid online talk about placing GCPs. In this video, our pro-user and experienced drone operator, Christian Grüner, shares his tips and tricks on placing GCPs to deliver consistent centimeter-accurate results.

Christian walks you through the project workflow, paying attention to every step: from estimating the number of GCPs to setting up a base and a rover and post-processing data. This experience will help drone mapping professionals who want to get a reliable workflow with GCPs and provide trustworthy results.


Reach for GCPs

Reach RS2+ and Reach RS3 receivers provide accurate coordinates for GCPs. You can easily record the coordinates with the Emlid Flow app that comes with Reach devices. If you want to learn how to choose your receiver and get started with ground control points, visit our page about GCPs. To order your Reach receiver, go to the official Emlid Store.