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Simplified access to your Reach receiver in a browser with the new Firmware 31

Reach Firmware 31

We have released the Reach Firmware 31 update. It simplifies access to your Reach receiver in a browser through Reach Panel. Take a closer look at the new features and give them a go.


Easily access your Reach in a browser

You can access your receiver in a browser by entering its IP address and view it through Reach Panel. This is a tool that allows you to check the state of the unit, download logs directly to your computer, and set the advanced configuration of the NMEA messages output. To do so, make sure that your Reach and mobile device/laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Previously, to open Reach Panel, you had to check the dynamic IP of your Reach in Emlid Flow. Now, the access process is easier as you can set up a static IP address for your receiver in a particular network. Your Reach will have a unique address, and you won’t have to look it up every time you want to go to Reach Panel.

Set up a static IP for your Reach when connecting to a new Wi-Fi network. For more details, check out this tip and the detailed guide on how to access Reach Panel.

Logs in Reach Panel

Logs in Reach Panel


Other improvements

With this update, we have also released a few other improvements:

  • Ability to download session logs to a single archive. You can now download all the logs from the same session, including the raw data, position track, and base corrections, in one tap.
  • Added ability to use non-ASCII characters for NTRIP username and password. These characters are now fully valid: à, á, â, ã, ä, å, æ, etc.
  • Updated LoRa frequency constraints for different countries. If you use LoRa, make sure your frequency rates are correct the next time you set up your base and rover.

Note that Reach Firmware 31 is available only for Reach RS3/RS2+/RS2/RS+ and Reach M2/M+ receivers. 

Check out the complete list of changes and fixes in the release notes on our Community Forum.